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Vital Water Company naturally purifies the water in your home or business giving you cleaner water on tap. 

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When water flows from your Local City or Well water Supply into your home or business there are often contaminants that get mixed into the water on its way there.


1. Install the Hydrocell Pro made by Vital Water Company and remove the suspended particles and heavy metals that cause haziness in the water! 

2. When contaminated water flows through the Hydrocell impurities are exposed to a Heat Signature of over 500° Fahrenheit that naturally eliminate the parasites and pathogens in the water. 

3. The remaining heavy metals that are bad for you are forced to clump together inside the Hydrocell Pro and are captured in a secondary sediment filter giving you;

Naturally Purified Mineral Water!


Restructured soft water that is healthy and does wonders for the body and our environment!

Hydrocell Pro allows healthy minerals to pass through while the water is being restructured in the Hydrocell Pro chambers. 


 The Hydrocell Pro has NO moving parts, needs NO grounding and needs NO maintenance.

All Vital Water Co. Products  include the industry leading 10-year non-prorated warranty for all parts and workmanship by Vital Water Company and a 120 day money back guarantee. (BBB Acredited) 

Vital Water Company uses patented Hydrocell Pro  technology designed in Hawaii.hawaiian islands

100% Made in the USA
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Reported Health Benefits:

Customers have reported significant benefits by simply drinking, bathing and cooking with the water created by the Hydrocell Pro™.


  Facial and back acne completely going away!

  Athletes foot completely going away!

√  Itchy skin irritation completely going away!

√  Eczema completely clearing up!

√  Liver spots significantly reduced!

√  Softer and more luscious hair!

√  Great tasting coffee and smoothies!

√  Smoother skin that feels moisturized!

10 Year Warranty
120 Day Non-Prorated 100% Money Back Guarantee

Free shipping to the USA!

Certified products by IAPMO R&T
 Labs against NSF 50 

“We are still discovering the many amazing ways that Vital Water Company can positively impact water and the effect it has on the human body and our environment. Join us as we revolutionize the way water is treated around the world and educate on the importance of naturally purified water!”

Aaron MacDonald
Founder, Vital Water Co.



We had Vital Water Company install the Hydrocell Pro for our Home and Pool. Great plumber, great service! We have noticed our water now leaves no water spots on our showers, cars, and windows, and our lawn is greener. This might just be me, but I’ve noticed that I use 1/4 of the shampoo that I used to. I had black mold and was told I could not get rid of it. After installing, no more black mold! We also have properties in Washington, Leavenworth with a well, which we are now setting up, as this product works great with wells. Unreal – this product WORKS.

Larry Grasse
Home Owner

Did you know skin is the human body’s largest organ?

It’s reported the average adult has five million pores on their body with approximately 20,000 on their face alone. These tiny little holes on our skin are the gateway into our inner body.

Consider the facts! Every time you shower, with that hot steamy water filling the air, your pores are opening up and filling your body with the water you shower and bath in. That water, if untreated is filling your body with all the harmful contaminants that flow from your local city or well water supply.

Ever wonder why you have itchy and dry skin, eczema, or start to get sours on your skin? You’ve been showering and bathing in unclean water for decades! Use a water catchment system? Better think twice before you shower with rain water.

Install the Hydrocell Pro and give your skin the water it deserves.

10 Year Warranty
120 Day Non-Prorated 100% Money Back Guarantee

Free shipping to the USA!

Certified products by IAPMO R&T
 Labs against NSF 50 

bbb accredited vitalwatercompany
bbb accredited vitalwatercompany
certified NSF 50 water purification devices
water purification systems is eco friendly
water purification systems

 The water created by Vital Water Company’s Hyrdrocell Pro is said to have some amazing healing effects on the body, mind and spirit. Truly, the Vital Water Company has the ability to give every human on earth a water source that is filtered through the Hydrocell Pro™ doing wonders for the body.

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