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Oxidation-Reduction Potential Uncovered

What does ORP mean in relation to water? ORP stands for Oxidation-Reduction Potential. It is a measurement of the water’s ability to oxidize or reduce substances, which can indicate the water’s overall quality. ORP readings are typically measured in millivolts and are...

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How Water Softeners Work

How a water softener works A water softener works by passing hard water through a bed of resin. The resin is composed of tiny beads with a negative charge. As the hard water passes through the bed of resin, positively charged ions such as magnesium and calcium, which...

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The Benefits of Hydrodynamic Cavitation Water Treatment

Hydrodynamic Cavitation Water Treatment is a revolutionary new water treatment process that uses high-frequency sound waves to break down particles in water and remove any contaminants. This process, which has been around since the 1950s, is gaining a lot of...

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Harmful Effects of Chlorine

Chlorine is a chemical element found in nature and used in many industrial and household products. It is widely used in water purification systems, swimming pools, and bleaching agents. While chlorine is a necessary component of modern life, it can have serious health...

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9 Ways to Purify Water

1. Reverse Osmosis: Reverse Osmosis is a process by which water molecules are forced, under pressure, through a semipermeable membrane. This membrane acts as a filter, allowing water molecules to pass through while rejecting larger molecules, such as dissolved salts,...

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Life Essentials 🏊‍♂️ Having Fun With Water & Food 🎉

HAVING FUN WITH WATER & FOOD As well as eating, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy food with water. You could organize a day at the beach or host a pool party with friends and family. Knowing the water is naturally purified by the Vital Water Filter and...

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