IMPORTANT!!! The Vital Water Co. Vital Water Filter™ Pool & Spa Device is a secondary source of water sanitation and water conditioning device that works with pre- existing plumbing and has been reported to increase longevity in pre-existing water filters and water sanitation systems. Choose the Vital Water Filter™ Pool & Spa Device as your Source of WATER SANITATION (without the use of harmful chemicals such as chlorine, pool shock, or a salt chlorine generator). Connect the Vital Water Filter™ device to the return line of your pool and spa to experience the benefits of naturally purified vital water today! 


Vital Water Filter™ helps control the particles in the water by naturally sanitizing your pool water, replacing harmful sanitation methods like chlorine and salt chlorine generators with our all natural patented water purification process. This allows for a significant reduction in the use of chlorine for commercial pools and removes the need to use chlorine entirely in your personal home pool and spa. 

DID YOU KNOW? Chlorine is a chemical linked to a variety of medical conditions and is known to cause health problems for children and adults. Ever wonder why you’ve had an allergic reaction after swimming in a pool, or perhaps skin irritation? Swimming in chlorinated water is known to cause asthma and shortness of breath, a life long cause of suffering and body ache that can lead to death. Acids are absorbed through the skin while swimming, and numerous studies have shown a connection between high acidity in the body and harmful effects when it comes to swimming in a chlorinated pool, (google it).

Vital Water Filter™ helps to naturally balance the pH of pool water while simultaneously producing negative charged ions rich in quality and feel. Raise your overall mood and well-being to feel the difference when you swim in the vital water created by the Vital Water Filter™.

  • Dramatically reduces required chemicals by 80% naturally, saving you money and time in scheduled maintenance. 
  • Lowers corrosive effects from high acidity of chemicals.
  • Creates “structured water” that slows down evaporation in outdoor pool and spas by 250%.
  • Lowers calcium phosphate deposits.
  • Works with or without an existing “secondary source of sanitation” device, such as UV and Ozone-related products. Works on all salt and chlorine systems.

You will no longer need to use harmful chemicals such as: chlorine, pool shock, or a salt chlorine generator to sanitize your pool because; 

The Job of Water Sanitation takes place Inside the Vital Water Filter™ Device,

replacing the job of chlorine and salt, purifying your pool and spa naturally in a way that is healthy for you and the environment.

Certified by IAPMO R&T LABS against NSF 50 for the reduction of chlorine consumption.

ATTENTION!!! Commercial Pools

Commercial pools are required by law to have Chlorine available to use in case of emergencies such as an introduction of a body fluid (bather load) into the pool or jacuzzi water. As a courtesy to all of the swimmers, pool shock/chlorine is injected into the water to quickly sanitize the contaminated area. The Vital Water Filter™ Pool & Spa Device can work with Chlorine and dramatically lower the scheduled maintenance and overall cost to operate and maintain a commercial pool or spa. 


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Includes a 10 year Warranty and
120 day Non-prorated 100% Money Back Guarantee
Vital Water Filter™ Device
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Who’s Installed the Vital Water Filter™  Pool & Spa Device?

The YMCA, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, Turtle Bay Hotels & Resorts, Hawaiian Monarch Hotel, AND MORE!


 The Vital Water Filter™ has NO moving parts, needs NO grounding and needs NO maintenance.

All Vital Water Co. Products  include the industry leading 10-year non-prorated warranty for all parts and workmanship from Vital Water Company and a 120 day money back guarantee. (BBB accredited, A rating)

Vital Water Company uses patented Vital Water Filter™  technology designed in Hawaii.hawaiian islands

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10 Year Warranty
120 Day Non-Prorated 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Certified products by IAPMO R&T
 Labs against NSF 50 

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bbb accredited vitalwatercompany
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I wanted to let you know of the spectacular results I have seen in my pool following the installation of the Vital Water Filter Pool device. I will be honest that I was very skeptical at first. I had never heard of the science used by the product. I also couldn’t find much documentation on-line about the Vital Water Filter device either. I did find some pool servicer blog posts that shared my skepticism.

I am happy to report that this product is the real deal. It works – period.

I have a 43,000 gallon pool that has always been impossible to maintain. Not only does my pool have a natural rock formation cascading to the floor of the pool, but I also have a large Kiawe (Hawaiian Mesquite) tree that constantly showers small leaves into the pool. I also keep my pool heated to 89 degrees. The combination of these factors, along with using a salt system, has resulted in constant algae problems, and cloudy water. Too many times I have had to add extra chlorine during the summer months. I have also required the use of phosphate removers to help get the water clear. And to be honest, despite all of that, I didn’t think my pool looked too bad. That was another reason why I was reluctant to add an “unproven” piece of equipment.

Within the first few days following the installation of the Vital Water Filter device, my pool started to transform. What I thought was clear water before was nothing compared to how the water looks now. The pool water looks almost perfectly clear in nature. I have never seen the water that clear before, except for the day we filled the pool. I can stare at the deep end of my pool, and it looks like there’s no water in the pool at all – that’s how clear the water is. That’s pretty incredible, as the deep end of my pool is over 12 feet deep. I have also noticed areas that algae grew, no longer exist. Since installation, I have not brushed the walls of my pool. The rocks in the pool always had algae issues. After just 10 days of the Vital Water Filter Products device installed, I stared to see areas of rock completely absent of algae that was there prior – all without brushing or adding additional chemicals.

I know there are many who will share my initial skepticism. A device that doesn’t use chemicals, doesn’t use any electrical source, and doesn’t wear out, is somehow going to allow my pool to look better, smell better, and end up using less chemicals in the process? That is a very tall order for any device. Yet, somehow the Vital Water Filter Products device does it. I’m now convinced that the Vital Water Filter device process of momentarily super-heating the water passing through it is doing two important things for my pool water. First, it is destroying the phosphates that has kept my pool cloudy for years. Second, it is killing the food supply the algae needs to grow. With both of these gone, my pool has never looked as good.

I know even after someone reads this letter, they may think I’m lying, or somehow this can’t be true. For those of you, I tell you the Vital Water Filter Products device will work for you.  If it could do what  it did to my pool, it will easily do wonders for your pool. And if you want to know if I’m a real person, I’d be happy to speak to anyone and share the progress pictures and video of my pool transformation.

Alan Van Zee, Home Owner

Did you know?

The Vital Water Filter™ Pool & Spa Device sanitizes the water in your pool and spa through our all natural patented process. Home Owners, Hotel Chains, and Vacation Rentals across the world have installed the Vital Water Filter™ pool & spa device and love the results! You no longer need to harm the environment by backwashing toxic chemicals such as chlorine into your neighborhood with the water created by the Vital Water Filter™. Know that you are reducing your pool water evaporation rate by 250%, increasing the (ORP), naturally balancing the PH and eliminating harmful contaminants with the Vital Water Filter™ as your secondary source of sanitization for your pool.

Vital Water Filter™ is certified by IAPMO R&T
 against NSF 50 for the reduction of chlorine consumption.

Enjoy the Benefits!

  • Makes your skin and hair feel softer and healthier!
  • Dramatically reduces the scheduled maintenance including the need to back wash the filter.
  • Saves the environment and water!
  • Increases water clarity!
  • Removes suspended particles and heavy metals that cause haziness in the water!
  • Get rid of the water bugs. Bugs can’t stand restructured water!
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Swimming in chlorinated water  is an unhealthy activity and has been linked to many harmful side effects. Install the Vital Water Filter™ pool and spa device and swim in naturally sanitized pool water!

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