The ALL Natural Pool Sanitizer – Vital Water Filter™ Device 

Did you know Vital Water Co.’s Hydrocell Pool & Spa Device is able to Naturally Sanitize Pool Water? Yes, we said Naturally Sanitize. Up until now and for many decades mankind has used chlorine or a salt chlorine generator to sanitize pool water. Chlorine is used to disinfect the water from harmful contaminants and a salt chlorine generator, is used to create Chlorine to disinfect the water.


The job of pool guy in this scenario is to sprinkle or inject Chlorine into a body of water to disinfect the water through Chlorine. Watch out for that pool guy! Hey may Shock Your Pool! No body likes to be shocked. It’s an uncomfortable experience. 

As times and people progress with new eco-friendly ways to sanitize water, outdated and harmful ways to sanitize pool water become obsolete. Through the use of harmful chemicals such as pool shock Residential and Commercial pools are able to disinfect the water in case of an emergency such as a swimmer or a child who accidentally poops their pants throws up, urinates, spills a drink or food, or introduces sunscreen or some kind of other chemicals into the water. This form of sanitation is effective but harmful to humans and the environment.

Every year the CDC issues report saying how harmful chlorine is to humans, creatures, and the environment.

Secondary Source of Sanitation & Water Conditioning Device

Vital Water Filter™ Pool & Spa Device. A secondary source of sanitation and Water Conditioning Device.


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Pool Water Sanitation

In emergency cases the Vital Water Filter™ Pool Device is able to disinfect the water if the pool pump is able to pump the contaminated water  through the device. However, cycling a 55 gallon pools water through the Vital Water Filter™ at a rate of 120 gpm will take roughly 7.64 hours to cycle the entire pools water. Unless you have the strongest pump known to man and you are able to filter that (bather load) through the Vital Water Filter™ you will need pool shock on hand. Let’s hope that no one shits their pants or pukes. Our device is able to work with Pool Shock to disinfect the water, because the Vital Water Filter™ lets minerals pass through the water as it is going through the patented Hydrodynamic Cavitation process. Hence, the ability to let Chlorine pass through.

“A Healthy Body of Water is a Moving Body of Water.” ever wonder why mosquitos nest and lay eggs? The water is stagnant. Vital Water Filter™ creates a high (ORP) in the water, a natural repellant to bugs and birds.

When you cycle pool water through the Hydro cell pro device you are able to naturally eliminate most contaminants and heavy metals that try to enter the water. Our patented process makes the water in your pool go through the natural phenomenon of Hydro dynamic cavitation to naturally sanitize the water.

Experience the Benefits for Yourself. Read our NSF report and Lab Results.


10 Year Warranty and 120 Day Money Back Guarantee


On a Day-to-day Basis, a Commercial or Residential Pool Can:

  • Lower the amount of Chlorine to the bare minimum (until the US Gov. bans chlorine) to be compliant with the Federal regulations.
  • Eliminate Salt Chlorine Generators and Lower Scheduled Maintenance.
  • Save over 5K+ Annually in cost to maintain and purchase chlorine, salt, and Salt Chlorine Generators.
  • Stop Backwashing Harmful Chemicals into the Environment.
  • Enjoy ECO-FRIENDLY Pool Water.
  • Swim in Naturally Purified Water.
  • Get rid of most bugs and birds that try to enter your pool water because the (ORP) is higher.
  • Avoid rust that happens as a byproduct of salt around the pools that use Salt Chlorine Generators.
  • Naturally balance the PH of Water.
  • No more burning of the eyes when opening eyes under water.
  • Skin and Hair feels great when swimming in Vital Water created by the Vital Water Filter™
  • + more benefits!

The Vital Water Co. Vital Water Filter™ works as a: 

  1. Kiddie Pool Sanitizer
  2. Adult Pool Sanitizer
  3. Jacuzzi Sanitizer
  4. Water fountain Sanitizer
  5. Commercial Pool Sanitizer
  6. Residential Pool Sanitizer

Here is a list of Unnecessary ways to sanitize pool water:

  1. hth ultimate mineral brilliance chlorinating granules
  2. aqua chem sanitizer chlorinating granules
  3. nature2 cartridge
  4. Brominating Tablets
  5. baquacil sanitizer
  6. nature2 mineral cartridge
  7. Salt Chlorine Generators
  8. Chlorine
  9. Pool Shock
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