The Harmful Effects of a Salt Chlorine Generator Revealed:

Did you know Salt Chlorine Generators are a Device that Commercial & Residential Pools use to Create Chlorine that is bad for you? 

The Chlorine created by a Salt Chlorine Generator, when combined with Ammonia (bather-load) is a silent killer that is known to create Chloramines a (Toxic Carcinogen) that can cause serious health side effects including but (not limited to): dry hair, dry skin, skin irritation, birth defects, increased asthma and cancer risk.  

gross smelling pool water

Ever wonder what that smell is when you walk near a chlorinated or salt based sanitation pool? That’s not Chlorine it’s the toxic carcinogen called Chloramines, a byproduct of bater-load combining with Chlorine or Chlorine created by a Salt Chlorine Generator to disinfect the pool water.

If you have thought about or are using this type of Salt Chlorine Generator, consider the facts. This Chlorine Generator has high concentrations of corrosive salt that is added to the water. (Producing 40,000 times more chemicals). The probability for corrosion is high and a very serious problem; it can effect pool equipment, pumps, heaters, and surfaces. And guess what, the salt doesn’t even take away the need for other chemicals or the need for chlorine! The salt cell of the Chlorine Generator ionizes the salt just to produce more chlorine! Monitoring all chemical levels is very important; you would need to maintain a pH reading between 7.2 and 7.6.

Don’t even get me started on Caustic soda (NaOH) or sodium hydroxide; it is another byproduct of the chemical manufacturing process. This is the main ingredient in liquid Plumber, Drano, etc. that breaks down those nasty hair clogs in plumbing in drains and sinks, so just imagine what it does to you! These are the chemicals that breakdown and cause damage to skin cells, hair, swimsuits etc… now add that drying salt water in the mix with the toxic chlorine… that’s a big problem!

Be Pro-Active and Talk to Your Resident Managertalking to manager about chlorine

Questions to ask:

  • Why do we use Chlorine in our pool?
  • What is a Salt Chlorine Generator?
  • How come you say we have a salt pool when the pool is filled with Chlorine?
  • What’s so Salty about our pool?
  • Why does my skin feel dry and itchy after swimming in the pool?
  • I’ve noticed my hair getting thinner, is it because I swim in a Chlorine Pool?
  • Have you heard about the Vital Water Filter?  I hear it’s a natural way to sanitize Pool & Jacuzzi water.

These are all great questions to ask your Resident Manager Today. Walk to the office or give them a call and be Pro-Active about your Health. In a nice way ask them to install the Vital Water Filter™ Commercial Pool & Spa Device to significantly reduce chlorine consumption and lower their operational cost and scheduled maintenance. 

cost savings for pools and spas with vital water company hydrocell pro commercial pool device

When using a Salt Chlorine Generator you need to remember that salt is a very corrosive material, it will lead to deterioration of materials such as, but is not limited to, concrete (including exposed aggregate, Kool Deck, etc.), natural stone (including Marbella, cultured stone, travertine, flagstone, etc.), grout, clay tiles, some metals, and some equipment components.

With Vital Water Co. Vital Water Filter ™ it will eliminate the effects of corrosion and harsh chemicals.

The Vital Water Co. Vital Water Filter™ works as a:

  1. Naturally Balances PH Levels.
  2. Controls Particles in the Water with Natural Sanitation.
  3. Lowers Calcium Phosphate Deposits.
  4. Removes Majority of Heavy Metals.
  5. Creates Restructured Soft Water.
  6. Reduce Harmful Sanitation Methods like Chlorine & Salt Chlorine Generators (Our device works with Chlorine).
  7. Reduces Chlorine Consumption.
  8. Creates Negative Ion Charged Water.
  9. Lowers Corrosive Effects from High Acidity of Chemicals.
  10. Works with Pre-Existing Pool & Spa Plumbing.
  11. Vital Water crated by the Vital Water Filter is a natural bug & bird repellant.
  12. Creates “Structured Water” that Slows Down Evaporation by 250%.
  13. Breaks down and destroys dead skin that is known to be a disgusting mess to clean in Pool Filters
  14. + More!
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