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NSF certified vital water whole house water purification system Commercial Pool & Spa Water Sanitation Device

The Commercial Pool & Spa Vital Water Filter™ Water Sanitation Device is the Eco-Friendly Solution for Sanitizing pool & spa water. Our patented process inside the chamber of the Vital Water Co. Vital Water Filter™ is able to naturally eliminate contaminates in the water and forces heavy metals to get caught in the pool filter or fall out of suspension (with normal maintenance). The Vital Water Filter™ sanitation chamber naturally balances the PH of the water and creates therapeutic restructured Vital Water. Calcium build up along the inner-pool walls are significantly reduced and over time, have shown to disappear. The water created by the Vital Water Filter™ is able to create re-structured water that has been reported to have healthy side effects for the human body, unlike Chlorine which has had many studies and warnings issued by the CDC about the negative side effect of Chlorine. Install the Commercial Pool & Spa Vital Water Filter™ Water Sanitation Device and experience the benefits for yourself. We offer the industry leading 10 year warranty and 120 day money back guarantee on the quality and workmanship of Vital Water Co.

Our Commercial Pool & Spa Vital Water Filter™ Water Sanitation Device is able to replace the need to use chlorine or a salt chlorine generator to sanitize your pool water. If you are a commercial building manager who has a pool to maintain, you know this can dramatically lower the scheduled maintenance and cost to maintain your commercial pool & spa. By law Commercial pools are required to have chlorine available for emergencies (bather load), our pool & spa device can work with chlorine.

  • Certified by IAPMO R&T
 Labs against NSF 50
  • Reduce or Replace Chlorine Consumption
  • Eliminate the need for Salt Based Sanitation (salt chlorine generators)
  • Save Time & Money on Scheduled Maintenance
  • Calcium Build-up along the Inner Walls of the pool Disappear
  • Pool Filters Last Longer
  • Swim in Therapeutic Vital Water

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Please read our customer testimonials below to see what they are saying.

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The Commercial Pool & Spa Hydrocell Pro™ Water Sanitation Device comes with one Commercial  Hydrocell Pro™ Sanitization Chamber and the necessary parts. It is recommended that a commercial plumber install the device.  If you have any questions about the product do not hesitate to call or email us from 10am - 5pm. We are currently accepting calls from Hawaii, please be mindful of the time difference.

Item: Hydrocell Pro™ cavitation sanitation chamber for 1.5 and 2" PVC plumbing systems (4 inch diameter dark grey schedule 80 and unions). Qty: x1

A one time installation can be done by any local plumber or if you feel you can do it yourself, we've included an instruction manual and have installation videos upon request, (Installation takes 30 minutes to 1 hour). The Hydrocell Pro™ Pool & Spa Water Sanitation Device is used by many residential pool owners to reduce the usage or completely eliminate the use of Chlorine and Salt to sanitize their pool.

Know that you are making a difference and helping to reduce the number of contaminates and chemicals that cause harm to our environment when water is drained (backwashed) from your pool or spa. Have peace of mind knowing the water you are swimming in is naturally purified and contains no harmful chemicals that are known to cause skin irritation, asthma, hair loss and in extreme cases cancer; when you choose to purchase and use the Hydrocell Pool & Spa device as directed.

2 reviews for Commercial Pool & Spa Vital Water Filter™ Water Sanitation Device

  1. Nate Steele A.R.M (verified owner)

    I wanted to give you an update since the Hydrocell Pro was installed on both my swimming pool and Jacuzzi. The sunscreen slick that used to sit in the corners of my pool have disappeared and the water looks amazing! Tenants and Owners have commented on the increased clarity and even noted that the water feels different. The jacuzzi used to be dumped on a daily basis and refilled. We haven’t needed to dump the Jacuzzi once since your product was installed which is saving us from wasting thousands of gallons of water and employee time. Thank you again for introducing me to this amazing product. Mahalo.

    General Manager, Hawaiian Monarch

  2. Rodney Hurzig (verified owner)

    The Hydrocell Pro device did the work of the chlorine and it overachieved, given the fact your pool had no chlorine in it (and the water quality was excellent). Your existing chlorine injection system has a sampler or device that checks the amount of algae and bacteria in the pool water, after installing the Hydrocell Pro it did not see the need to inject any chlorine or acid. The reason is simple, when the sampler does not find any algae or bacteria in the water it does not inject chlorine. Great news for the Hydrocell Pro device; on one hand, but we are not in compliance with California’s minimum chlorine levels for public swimming pools; again, a great accomplishment for the Hydrocell Pro device.

    As discussed we had a very impressive improvement to the air quality inside the pool and spa area, again great for the Hydrocell Pro device. When we installed the Hydrocell Pro device on the spa we will then accomplish an even greater improvement to the air quality of the area as the spa is still using 100% chlorine. I think this product would be a great Value Added Service for your Hotel & Military Clients.

    Please see the results below which occurred at the Embassy Suites in Burlingame where I work in less than 30 days. This property spends roughly $20,000 a year on chlorine & chemicals for their pool and spa. The Hydrocell Pro Unit delivers an estimated savings between 60% to 80% and the color, clarity and lack of chlorine smell are very impressive (more a factor for indoor pools & spas). Now just imagine how appreciative your customers would be with that value added proposition for 2019? Might this possibly be an opportunity for them to reallocate those already budgeted dollars (hotels have finalized their budget for the year or will shortly) into a Landscaping project? When you speak to Vital Water Co. he will explain to you the Environmental Benefits from not having to backwash pools and dump that chlorine water into the drainage system. As the military is very big on LEED Certified Buildings this must fall under the guidelines of reduction or Water as well as reduction of chemicals put into the ECOSYSTEM. (The benefits to the Reefs and Islands Wells being contaminated from runoff) Vital Water Co. is currently working on an analysis of how much water a year is saved and the dollars that translates into.

    Other applications:
    • Water softening (No more expensive Salt Treatments)
    • Applications both commercial & residential, water composition is transformed and requires less water while delivering an incredible smooth and silky feel (Hotel, Military, Hair & Spa, Home application)
    • Reduction of Algae & Scale buildup in Air conditioning systems (Tremendous annual repair expense as long as Long Term Capital Expenditure for replacement)
    • Water areas on golf course that have green water can be converted to clear and beautiful water!
    • Reduction in the amount of bugs and birds that nest and surround bodies of water. (Very interesting how the ORP of the water created by the Hydrocell Pro effects even the smallest of insects and birds of all sizes)

    Rodney Hurzig, Embassy Suites in Burlingame

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