Searching for a Whole House Water Purification System to naturally sanitize your water supply?

You came to the right place. The Vital Water Company Whole House Water Purification System is designed to naturally eliminate the contaminants in your local water supply. Our patented technology inside the Vital Water Company Vital Water Filter™ Sanitation Chambers do the job to naturally sanitize water. When customers install the whole house water purification system to their main water line entering the property from the from a well or the local Board of water supply, they are able to naturally illuminate a majority of contaminants and heavy metals that are trying to enter the water supply.

Customers Have Reported Many Benefits by simply bathing, drinking, and consuming the water created by Vital Water Company Vital Water Filter™ Whole House Water Purifcation System. 


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10 Year Warranty
120 Day Non-Prorated 100% Money Back Guarantee

Certified products by IAPMO R&T Labs agains NSF 50

19 reviews for Water Purification Systems “Point of Entry” Water Softening and Purification System

  1. Allen Baker (verified owner)

    All I have to say is Wow! This product works! At first I was somewhat skeptical but how can you go wrong with a 10 year warranty and 120-day money back guarantee. Vital Water Co. said if you don’t like it send it back. It’s been a couple months now and I must say that my skin and hair feel much softer and moisturized. I never use lotion and never really thought about dry skin but once I was aware of my skin, I did notice a difference. My coffee and smoothies taste great! And I’ve noticed that my gut (stomach) feels stronger from drinking the water created by the Hydrocell Pro. It might just be me but I feel stronger too! I notice because I’m able to paddle longer while surfing and just have more energy overall. I think, it’s because I am more aware of what the effects of water can do to me since educating myself on the website. This is truly a life changer for me. I highly recommend the Vital Water Co. Home water purification system to everyone.

  2. Poliala Lorenzo (verified owner)

    Since we’ve installed the filters I have noticed that my skin is not as dry after showers and no residue of lime deposits in the toilet. Our water taste better out of the faucets and my son’s back acne had calmed down significantly. The acne is not totally gone but the flare ups are less and the redness has been considerably less. I feel the water has made my skin more supple and able to absorb my skin care products better. This product is such a life saver that I didn’t realize I needed. It has surpassed my expectations of what I was expecting and will keep you posted of more changes as they come up. Thank you for such an amazing product and look forward to new updates.

  3. Keanu S.
 (verified owner)

    I recently experienced the wonderful effects of the Hydrocell Pro Pool Unit as well as their Home Unit. I just want to say that the swim I had was beyond anything I’ve experienced. The chlorine smell that I’ve been used to for so many years was completely non-existent, as well as coming out of the pool my hair felt softer and if I did open my eyes in the pool it would not burn. Having the lack of these chemicals in the pool made me feel healthier than I would in a normal chlorine pool. It also amazed me how clear and lack of algae the pool had without any chemicals. This product is amazing. 
    With feeling the effects of the Pool Unit, the Home Unit was another product that amazed me. Showering before I noticed that my skin would be extremely dry as well as my hair. Using the Home Unit for a couple weeks, I really noticed the difference in my skin and hair. My hair and skin felt tremendously softer. I also notice that the water spots, soap scum on the walls and glass doors were non-existent. Not to mention the water that comes out of the faucet tastes amazing from what I was used to before! No chemicals or chlorine taste, just water!
    I highly recommend this anyone and everyone for their Home and or Pool!
    Kahala, HI

  4. Carla Cummings (verified owner)

    Hi I’m Carla Cummings have had this water system in my house For about three weeks now I have used less dish detergent in my dishwasher. I also use less detergent in my washing machine. My dishes in my dishwasher come out so much cleaner. I also have eczema on my ankle which is pretty much gone and my Face and skin feels like a baby, I now hardly use any cream on my body, I believe in this product it’s absolutely amazing!!!

  5. Zachary Yamasaki, L.Ac. (verified owner)

    My name is Zachary Yamasaki L.Ac. I am a licensed physician for over a decade. Water is essential for life. Most health conditions can be improved somewhat by simply raising the quality of water and air with which we come I to contact. The sensation of swimming or external contact with structured water has the effect of leeching out lactic acid in the muscles furthermore this water used internally can help purge toxins and heavy metals in the body. Better skin, better sleep and less stress are possible with the hydrocell pro. Be sides the smooth silky feeling on my skin, I noticed that our tub and shower curtain doesn’t get the black or algae build up. Cups looks clear, utensils look spotless. I even feel kind and Peaceful. Relaxed.

  6. Suzy (verified owner)

    My eyes, skin, and hair are so happy !
    I haven’t taken a long hot bath in years as it makes me more itchy all over!
    Today I chanced it and no itch or blood red eyes.
    I’m also not putting lotion on my whole body twice a day!
    My hair seems more conditioned too. Not dry looking

  7. David Gaudet (verified owner)

    Since installing the Hydrocell Pro water product, after about 4 days the stains on my tub have gone, my skin is cleaner and feels much better, when I shower the soap falls off right away with a cleaner longer lasting feel. and the ice tastes much better!

  8. Rosemary Duarte (verified owner)

    This water filtration system has been wonderful for me in so many ways. The initial benefits were felt on how clean my skin felt and how clean I felt after I bathed. I canʻt explain the feeling. My hair has become softer.
    After time I saw that my washing machine smells better and my clothes are cleaner.
    I feel like my dishes are easier to wash. After time my washing machine seemed to be cleaned, smells better and my clothes are cleaner. Even my toilet doesnʻt get dirty like it used to. Its like the water just really cleanses everything by being so pure.

  9. Dave
 (verified owner)

    I cannot believe how good this system is! Last night, the water pressure was low and I was planning on changing the filter, but I waited. I thought the filter I was waiting to replace on the outlet side was causing the problem; turns out the filter that I had changed 10-14 days earlier was completly black and stopped all water pressure in the house overnight! Within minutes of installing the new filter, all was back to normal and realized the problem that was avoided by not ingesting these toxins! I cannot tell you how happy we are to know how to remove these chemicals!!!

    Boston, MA

  10. Nadine (verified owner)

    There is a difference when taking a shower, the water is drinkable, and NO visible water spots on my sinks and faucet due to the calcium build up. We love the system!

Mililani, HI

  11. Masaru Kawaharada (verified owner)

    My sister Marina has had eczema since 2013. Her symptoms include excessive itching, redness of skin, infections, and swelling. She started to regularly apply lotion to the affected areas in 2017. Her symptoms have gone away for the most part but the scar marks due to her condition over the years still show. Since we installed structured water throughout the house in February, her scar marks have almost completely disappeared and she got rid of her daily lotion routine. She has also experienced softer hair and less acne on her face. My mother Keiko has also experienced her hair getting softer, at the amazement of her beautician.

    I (Masa) came back from my trip to Vegas with extremely dry skin on the back of my hands. Because of this my skin kept falling off from constant itching and scratching. After learning about the healing powers of structured water and installing the Hydrocell Pro device to our main water supply, I took long showers in hopes of healing my hand’s dry skin, as well as rejuvenating the rest of my body. As anticipated my hands were back to normal after one week and my skin has never felt better.

    Masaru Kawaharada

  12. Terry (verified owner)


    I have been a boat owner for over 15 years and I have always had the problem of my freshwater smelling really bad.
    Knowing the properties of structured water, I filled my freshwater with the Hydrocell Pro device and the results were fantastic, no more smelly water AT ALL!!

  13. Travis Schonleber (verified owner)

    before vital water For almost 35 years I have been dealing with hives and in the past few years a itchy scalp which I have had multiple tests done to determine the cause. I had some success with acupuncture but at a non covered insurance rate of $100.00 per visit it became too expensive to keep control over my condition.

    Over a year and a half ago I saw Vital Water Co at a pool show and learned about hydrodynamic cavitation for swimming pools and the benefits of restructured water. On over the two dozen pools these cavitation devices have shown to reduce chemical consumption, made the pool water crystal clear, and with a simple installation of the device on the return line it couldn’t be any easier. I even had a customer with a very bad skin problem who is a swimming instructor report fantastic results to her skin with before and after photos. With further testing and research a whole home unit was developed and I had it installed on my home main water supply line. Within four months my hives and scalp issues went away, in addition tap water in the whole house no longer had the chlorine smell or taste. I can confirm this because for the last month without the home unit my symptoms have returned in my new home without the whole home unit installed.

    I was so impressed by the pool units and the results shown that I joined the team and began to promote, market, and sell the pool units and now gearing up to sell the whole home units as well. This is truly a remarkable device and has provided untold benefits to my wife and myself knowing the water we use to cook, bathe, and drink is completely safe, chlorine and heavy metal free.

    This device comes highly recommended for its ease of use and the health benefits as mentioned above.

  14. Mark Elwell (verified owner)

    We have had a water purification system from Vital Water Company installed in our home. We are happy to say that with this new system our

      skin and hair feels softer, our plants seem to be happier and there is less hard water deposits on my shower deposits and car.

    Usually we were cleaning our fish pond once every week. Now with this new system, we now can have three weeks pass before having to clean the filters!  Totally satisfied.

    Home Owner

  15. Travis Schonleber (verified owner)

    We are plumbed in again at our new condo!

    Looking forward to pure can water again!!

    There is a noticeable difference in smell and taste of our shower and tap water currently which is why I wanted to have the unit installed ASAP.

    My scalp and skin is slowly improving with my daily showers. The damn thing works!

    Owner, AquaBlue Enterprises, LLC

  16. Emelda (verified owner)

    5 weeks ago my 83 year old patient was forced to move from his home due to a plumbing issue. He since has moved into a home with the Whole House Water Purification System and We Cannot believe the differences we are experiencing. My patient has shown an increase in energy, he is sleeping better, his hair and skin has improved dramatically. He has many liver spots that are fading away! I wash my hands frequently and my skin is so much healthier.

  17. Larry Grasse (verified owner)

    We had Hydrocell Pro install the home and pool system. Great plumber, great service! We have noticed our water now leaves no water spots on our showers, cars, and windows, and our lawn is greener. This might just be me, but I’ve noticed that I use 1/4 of the shampoo that I used to. I had black mold and was told I could not get rid of it. After installing, no more black mold! We also have properties in Washington, Leavenworth with a well, which we are now setting up, as this product works great with wells. Unreal – this product WORKS.

  18. Dr. Michael Anthony Pasquale (verified owner)

    I am Dr Michael Anthony Pasquale, A board certified plastic surgeon and chief of plastic surgery at Infinity Life Center. What I am about to tell you if it did not happen to me, I would not have believed it.

    For the last 4 years I have suffered from a severe skin disorder which I had never heard of before until my dermatologist made the diagnosis (mainly from a pathology report). It is fairly rare, but common enough that perhaps 500,000 to 1 million suffer from this condition to one degree or another.

    There are many theories about this disease. A few factors may contribute to it such as hay fever and in even more rare circumstance hypercalcemia (high calcium in the blood) and lymphoma (cancer of the blood) may be present. The fact is no one is sure, but to the person that has it , it is embarrassing with red nodules on the skin, open sores and a mangy appearance. In fact, my surgical technician one time told me: “If you don’t stop scratching your arms I will take you to the vet”.

    As funny as that sounds, there is nothing funny about the disorder. I had researched and searched for treatments around in journals, scientific papers and spoke with many dermatologists. I tried everything from steroid injections, surgery and even anti-depressants as it is thought it may be from a nervous condition. This looking for a cure went on for 3 years, nothing worked. One day I was approached by a friend of mine who was promoting a water purification device and mentioned some people who used it had cleared up their acne. I told him about my skin condition, and he said ‘You know maybe this will work, though he had never heard of the disease before. So they agreed to install the device in my home. What the hell? I was willing to give witchcraft a try if would make my skin condition clear up.

    The device was installed and checked for proper function over the next month or so. I really did not do anything different, took my shower, washed my arms and hands and so forth as usual, No treatments, no cremes, I did nothing, as I had given up and just decided to wear long sleeves since it mainly affected my arms.

    Well to my surprise I started to notice my skin on my arms started to clear up. At first, I noticed a decrease in the skin nodules and sores. As 3 months of using this unique water filter I noticed they 99% were gone. Why this occurred I am not sure have some ideas, but this will deserve further study. It may be the removal of certain toxins or minerals in the local water or perhaps some form of interaction of type of water molecule that the device produces. Yet whatever it is it worked for me.

    Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of before pictures as who wants to take photos of ugly arms. However I found some before use of the Hydrocell Pro whole house water purification system and was rather amazed as when compared to after 3 months.

    Well I will let the company explain the technology, but whatever the magic is it worked for me. If you suffer from such skin condition as Prurigo Nodularis or perhaps eczema this may be worth a try and give it some time. The water taste pretty good and its nice to know that insecticides, some harmful minerals and other toxins are removed as well. Oh and there is one side effect I noticed. My glass shower no longer has water spots like it once did , which were so difficult to remove. That in itself has made it worth it to use this device.

    I have never given a testimonial before but this one I am actually happy to do so as the Hydrocell Pro whole house water purification system has truly helped me. As surgeon who has been involved in research for stem cells, reconstructive surgery and the like this will be my next project to understand the science why this worked so well.
    Chief of Plastic Surgery, Infinity Life Center

  19. Michelle and Mark Houk
 (verified owner)

    I recently acquired a Hydrocell Pro water conditioning system after complaining to a friend regarding our water from a 700ft. well system here in Maine. We were having recent iron problems and our daughters acne was worse than ever. We had the system installed and immediately noticed a difference in our skin and in her acne. We have since sold our home and are temporarily displaced to my mothers home until we build a new house. We are having an Hydrocell Pro system installed in her home and will be putting one in our new house. In the meantime, the new owners have graciously allowed us to go fill up numerous containers of the wonderful cavitated water to drink and use for now. The new owners of our old home also love the system because one family member is immunocompromised and she feels this water is keeping her healthy. Thank you Hydrocell Pro for introducing us to this life changing water system. We won’t live without it no matter where we move to.


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