As well as eating, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy food with water. You could organize a day at the beach or host a pool party with friends and family. Knowing the water is naturally purified by the Vital Water Filter and chemical free makes the pool water feel more enjoyable. No more harsh reactions from harmful Chlorine or salt chlorinated pool water that irritates your skin. Share the cost and fun of preparation for the pool party by asking each guest to contribute one dish as a starter, an accompaniment to the main course or a dessert. Having an overall regional theme, like Hawaiian, Mexican, Greek or Indian, will ensure that you end up with complimentary foods rather than an ill-matched assortment of dishes.

Who’s the Grill Master ??? Enjoy Every Bite!

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Pool Party In Naturally Purified Water 😎

Or why not organize a ‘pool party’ with some of your neighbors, where each pool party is celebrated at a different house or condo. (Before you swim in a pool at someones apartment, check with the resident manager to see if you are swimming in a Vital Water Pool that is chemically reduced by the Vital Water Filter.) Please care for your skin and eyes and try not to swim in water that has a large dosage of Chlorine and Acid injected into the pool or made by Salt Chlorine Generators. Again, choosing a theme may help ensure that the foods are agreeably coordinated, although you may prefer the surprise factor! This is also a fabulous way to get to know your neighbors better and build your social connections. Swim in naturally purified water and enjoy the party!

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Savor the Moment … mmmh

A third activity you can try in order to squeeze the maximum pleasure out of food (or water) is to savor.
To savor means to truly enjoy the moment and feel deeply what you are experiencing.
Live entirely in the moment and let go of expectation by simply,
Giving your body and tastebuds the ability to re-act to what it is you are doing.


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If you enjoy swimming or being near water, you might also explore the Vital Water movement, which promotes a greater enjoyment of water and food through a better and healthy understanding of its taste, quality and production.

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