Hydrodynamic Cavitation


If you search Hydrodynamic Cavitation you will find that it is mainly used in waste water treatment facilities. Hydrodynamic cavitation is an area of study that has been in production for the past 100 years. Various people throughout the world have been studying hydrodynamic cavitation and its affect on water. To this day, if you Google hydrodynamic cavitation you will find that is mainly used in waste water treatment facilities and its natural phenomenon can be found in nature or if you study the way that a large propeller moves throughout a body of water you’ll find that the propeller is damaged by hydrodynamic cavitation. That is because the propeller is being exposed to the heat signature and differential in pressure that causes the propeller to erode and have damage done to it, damage is done to the propeller because hydrodynamic cavitation is explosive in nature on a nano level and is known to have a very high heat signature created during the implosion when water changes its molecular structure from a liquid to a gas in the form of bubbles and back to a liquid. This heat signature is able to destroy anything that is in its path because it is known to have a heat signature up to 500°F.

If you study hydrodynamic cavitation and the way that it is created in nature naturally when water falls from a larger body of water into a smaller body of water, you will find that the differential pressure is phenomenal. This natural phenomenon known as Hydro dynamic cavitation is what we have patented inside of our device.

We have been able to create the natural phenomenon of Hydro Dynamic Cavitation within the Vital Water Filter™ device to provide naturally purified water through the Vital Water Filter™ device and water sanitation system.

~ This article is to be continued and expanded upon as the world becomes more aware of its application to the well being of mankind. 

Aaron MacDonald

Vital Water Company - Vital Water Co